What can we do?

Web Design

We undertake all aspects of web design and development, giving you an attractive and responsive design that meets the needs of your visitors, along with all the tools you need to host, maintain, edit and review your website presence.

social media on mobile phone
Social Media

From setting up branded social media channels and getting your initial followers, to being strategic about what and when you post. We can manage your social media or teach your team how to manage it using tried and tested techniques that put you in control.

Research Project Websites

Websites can be very valuable for research projects and teams, not only for dissemination and showcasing outputs, but also to undertake key functions of research and to gather data about the reach and impact of your projects.

Design for Print

We have experience designing effective print communications, from posters, brochures and flyers to research project reports, module guides, bidding templates and large format design, such as roller banners and pop-up stands.

Mortar Board Digital Education

We enjoy passing on our knowledge in many ways and can teach digital skills to your team, academic staff or students. We have a practical, hands-on web design course that goes down well with non-technical learners. We can also teach graphic design, social media and productivity skills.


From a full Learning Management System or VLE install and customisation, to individual learning content design using popular e-learning authoring tools, we can help to bring alive your online learning.


We can create eye catching logos and brand identities, giving you a consistent visual palette to use both online and offline. In addition to company and organisation identities, this can be useful for individual events or marketing campaigns that require a unique look and feel.

Content Management

We can manage and maintain your web and social content, helping you to be strategic and in control of what you are putting out there. We are experienced in making the most of what you have, showcasing your multimedia and helping with the culture change involved in getting your staff sharing the great work they are doing.

Using Digital Tools

We can provide consultation on using digital tools, software and services to support various organisational functions and solve problems. There are a wide variety of tools for communication, productivity, management and more, many of them freely available. We have come into contact with a large range of these tools and regularly use them with our clients to streamline their organisation.