About Mortar Board Digital

We offer a variety of digital communications, design and content services to educational organisations and have worked with universities, research centres, schools and local authorities across the UK.

Through developing strong partnerships and sustainable relationships with organisations in the education sector we have undertaken a range of work, which can be viewed in our portfolio.

Our ethos

Whilst Mortar Board Digital is a new brand, our team have provided digital design services to the education sector for several years. We know that you work in a unique landscape. Traditional approaches need to be balanced with new technology whilst policy, standards and ideas are always changing. Throughout this you need to provide the best experience you can for your team, students, funders and a variety of other audiences.

We take an optimistic, positive approach to challenges and change, making technological and digital opportunities appear to be just that, opportunities, rather than problems or something else you should be doing do on top of an ever-increasing workload.

We want to make design and digital tools improve your life and increase your effectiveness and we try to ensure that everyone is on board, helping seemingly complex and time-consuming tasks, such as maintaining websites and posting to social media, seem manageable and fun to staff. Time and time again our clients are enthused by seeing their organisations and projects showcased effectively and they want to get involved. Great communications design really works to engage people, whether at an event, online, in the classroom or in an internal setting.